Learn Nim - Part 1 of n | What is Nim?

Learn Nim - Part 1 of n | What is Nim?

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First of all Nim is not NIM.

I've seen people write NIM in places they mean to convey Nim. So, if you go up and search for "NIM" through the Google search engine or on job posts you may get NIM, IBM's system management framework.

Nim is not NIM, because the name "Nim" is not an acronym but an abbreviation of the name "Nimrod", an ancient human king in the Middle-East (no, Bugs Bunny did not invent the word).

Nim is a programming language, originally developed by Andreas Rumpf, an engineer from Germany. Nim is a statically and strongly typed systems programming language with a syntax inspired by the syntax of languages like Ada, Modula, and Python.

Nim is a general purpose programming language and has the potential for shining in most domains. Once you taste the simplicity and expressiveness of the language, I'm sure you'll not go back.

Nim easily interoperates with C/C++, JS, and Python. And Nim has been in active development since 2008 and has a good community size. Don't worry, you're in good company.

Nim has deterministic memory management (which can be turned off and managed manually). Nim even supports inline assembly and pointer arithmetic! Yeah, it does!

If you are new to computer programming and did not understand anything until now; just know this. Nim is a really good programming language to program computers.

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