I Want To Create My Own Programming Language

I Want To Create My Own Programming Language

It happened a few months ago...I was bit by the programming language bug.

I am unable to recall how it happened or what led to it, but I suddenly got curious to know how programming languages worked and all I know was that I was hooked into the idea of creating my own programming language.

I think I was inspired by the Nim programming language. I was amazed at the fact that an "efficient, expressive, elegant" systems programming language could exist that has a simple syntax and is shallow enough for a beginner and deep enough for a systems engineer.

A couple of years ago, someone advised me to embark on creating a toy programming language. I did not see the utility then. Now, I am convinced that every developer ought to attempt to create a tiny programming language given the learning it provides.

So, I think I have to create many small languages and related tools before I create my ultimate final product of a statically and strongly typed, ahead-of-time compiled, general purpose, multi-paradigm programming language that allows for manual memory management and pointer arithmetic (but with the option to turn on safety features).

The whole reason I am writing this article is to have a public accountability of sorts so that I won't digress from my goal. That said, I will be posting regular updates and articles related to my endeavour.