What is this blog about?

What is this blog about?

This blog is where I will rant about my faith in Christ, my wife (Alfia) and our son (Ezra), my life in general, journey in the IT industry, random experiments I do with programming, some of my projects, tutorials, hardware, and everything else related to IT that I am interested in, and a bit about movies, music, the Law, laws, the legal profession, history, and politics. That's a lot of stuff bundled together. So, the title "undefined" would better define this blog as a title; it's also a play on the programming data value. It is funny if people think there's some kind of bug in the front-end code and the name of the blog is not being displayed.

I was a practising advocate (another word for attorney) in India till early 2021. I was able to switch to a career in IT last year with a tech-empowered non-profit working in the social development sector. Before that I was a computing hobbyist trying my hand at developing small scripts/programmes. I am also a Linux enthusiast. I would never say that I am a strong proponent of the Free Software movement (though I used to advocate for it and was also working with a non-profit that advocates for software freedom).

I currently work primarily employing stuff related to or available in the JavaScript ecosystem (not TypeScript). I had been constantly hopping between a lot of new mid-level languages like Rust, Zig, C, and Go (and was also looking at Odin), and Nim. However, I have settled on Zig as my next language. I'll also use a book written on C by Zed A. Shaw as a reference to learn some low-level concepts. My posts will also cover these things.

So, cheers!

Read on if you like reading about what I have mentioned here.

Edit (February 2024): I've paused learning Zig. I found myself ecstatically obsessed with Nim; and I continue learning things here and there (I'm still learning C) while coding sometimes in JavaScript.