I was sort of right about TypeScript

I was sort of right about TypeScript

I used to call TypeScript, "HypeScript". Because it was hyped to the point of nausea, in my opinion.

TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript that is backed by a billion-dollar corporation, famous for, among other things, the creation of the .NET framework and C# (Anders Hejlsberg is the lead architect of C# and a core developer of TypeScript).

TypeScript is an attempt to make JavaScript look like C# under the guise of type safety. Yeah, I said it. If you want real type safety, use C# (Razor/ASP) or Dart in the front-end; do not twist the arms of a dynamically typed scripting language to do type gymnastics.

Anyway, there is ECMAScript proposal (I think it's stage 1) that proposes type annotation in JavaScript. Once that gets into ES, I'm sure TypeScript will slowly fade away. There are people already ditching TypeScript for sanity. I just wish that the industry stops its unhealthy affinity for TypeScript.

TypeScript does not improve performance.

TypeScript reduces DX.

TypeScript exists purely to satisfy a programmer's ego.

Keep it simple son.